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Event nature

To be completed in conjunction with your Risk Assessment, a copy of which is required

Event intelligence

Numbers attending may vary throughout the duration of longer events. Therefore, resource requirements may need to be adjusted accordingly.

Sample of additional considerations

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  • You can view the full 'Purple Book'/Event Safety guide here.
  • An ambulance paramedic crew, as a minimum, consists of a paramedic plus an ambulance technician trained to IHCD standards.
  • First aiders can be found in section 737 - the recommended minimum number of first aiders at small events where no special risks are considered likely is 2:1000 to 3,000 attending. No event should have less than two first aiders.
  • Medical ambulance and first-aid management can be found in section 712.
  • All staff - Enhanced DBS checks and Safeguarding of Adults/Children trained
  • Vehicle - NE/Ambulance can be used as a treatment centre, Emergency Ambulance (Frontline), 4x4 and car equipped to level of crew
  • Medical equipment - All levels are equipped with O2, Entonox, AED and First Aid equipment as a minimum
  • Equipment - Radios, Gazebo/First Aid point, mountain bikes, treatment centre, water safety equipment
  • Full payment will be required prior to the event date via BACs.